Prof. Dr. Volker Kassera

Prof. Dr. Volker Kassera

Managing director, founder, shareholder

Head of Design Organization (HoD) and Certification
Verification Engineer (CVE) of EASA-21J company.

Lecturer at Technical University of

Private Pilot

Dr. Rolf Bauer

Dr. Rolf Bauer

Founder, shareholder

Pilot on Boeing B787 (Lufthansa Group AG)

Senior Project Manager (for CEO, GEA Group AG), 04/2021-03/2023

Aeronautical Engineer (Aerodynamics, Aircraft Systems)


Services in the field of numerical fluid mechanics

Gartenstr. 82
D-72108 Rottenburg

phone: +49 7472 96946-0
fax: +49 7472 96946-11

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Our offices are located in Rottenburg am Neckar, 50km southwest of Stuttgart, Germany

„Providing the first fully certified autonomous aircraft to the global market.“

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