Our parent company CFD Consultants GmbH has been significantly involved in the aviation project TR230 for many years. This project concerns the development and certification of a modern four-seater passenger aircraft. The prototype has been flying since 2013, has almost completed flight testing and is about to be certified as an experimental aircraft in Switzerland.



Investors are being sought for the type certification. For over two years, iViation GmbH established intensive contacts with potential investors, including from China. In mid-March, an authorized representative of a well-known Chinese state-owned company intensively inspected the project. The draft of a joint venture contract was prepared, important cooperation partners explained their contributions and the business plan was agreed. The talks were very positive and were concluded with the signing of a letter of intent.




Contact: Rolf Bauer, iViation GmbH // Volker Kassera, iViation GmbH

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