Soaring Beyond Limits – iViation leads the way with the world’s first autonomous aircraft in controlled airspace. Breaking barriers, unlocking global opportunities. Get ready for a sky revolution! #iViationTakeoff

OUR MISSION – Elevating the Future of Aviation

At iViation, our mission is to redefine the possibilities of air travel by pioneering autonomous aircraft that operate seamlessly in controlled airspace. We are dedicated to revolutionizing global transportation, unlocking new horizons, and connecting the world through innovation, safety , and sustainability. Join us as we chart the course for a transformative era in aviation. iViation: Shaping the Sky, Connecting the Globe.


« iViation stands at the forefront of aviation innovation, boasting a distinguished team of experts encompassing scientists, aircraft development engineers, certification specialists, seasoned programmers, legal professionals, and industry managers. With a vast global network within the aviation industry, we are committed to excellence in every aspect of our work.

Our founders, Prof. Dr. Volker Kassera and Dr. Ing. Rolf Bauer, bring an unparalleled blend of expertise, merging flight knowledge with entrepreneurial, engineering, and industrial acumen.

iViation is strategically assembling a core team comprised of renowned aviation, logistics and certification experts, solidifying our position as industry leaders. Trust in iViation as we redefine the future of autonomous aviation through expertise, innovation, and collaboration. »

JOIN the Future of Aviation

Elevate Your Investment with iViation! As we pioneer autonomous aircraft in controlled airspace, we invite visionary investors to partner with us in shaping the next era of global transportation. Seize this opportunity to be at the forefront of innovation, revolutionizing the skies and unlocking unprecedented market potential. Explore the possibilities; invest in iViation today and soar to new heights together. Contact us to discuss how your investment can fuel the future of autonomous aviation. Let’s redefine flight – invest in iViation now!


A new era of global autonomous transportation